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Direct Fairways Reviews Are In: Businesses Love Us

Direct Fairways works to deliver exceptional service and value to every client, a commitment reflected in positive Direct Fairways reviews across the web.


Local businesses rave about the opportunities we create to reach captive local audiences, increase brand exposure, and make a meaningful impact on prospects throughout their region.


We utilize quality, dynamic materials and proven advertising methods to connect your business with hundreds of potential customers each day.


Our methods deliver results for golf courses and neighboring businesses across the country, and our reviews show why we’re the go-to provider in the golf course marketing community.

What Sets Direct Fairways Reviews Apart?

Direct Fairways reviews show a dedication to service, value, and customer experience that goes unmatched in the golf advertising industry.


By always making state-of-the-art marketing products and second-to-none customer service our highest priority, we’re able to consistently deliver results that increase awareness, revenue, and growth for local businesses across the nation.


These results don’t just show up in each company’s improved bottom line – they shine through in the many glowing testimonials and positive customer feedback we receive from satisfied customers every day.

Direct Fairways:
What Clients Are Saying

From “excellent” and “awesome” to “great services” and “must recommend,” Direct Fairways reviews contain high praise for our team and our proven marketing process.


We take pride in creating consistently high-quality products for the many local businesses and golf courses we serve, and we’re even prouder to receive the amazing feedback that continually comes our way.

What are the Benefits of Using Direct Fairways?

Our clients range from small businesses to large corporations: we are proud of our ability to partner with companies of any size looking to gain valuable exposure and increase market share.


Our service appeals to numerous businesses within a golf course’s vicinity who want to take advantage of the exposure and demographic served via printed and/or digital products.


Direct Fairways raises the standard by delivering high quality score cards, course guides, yardage books, pin sheets, and\or Hole sponsorship(s) to golf courses at no expense. For almost ten years we have been helping golf courses save money, while increasing course revenue and supporting the growth of local businesses.


With the players’ captive attention our ability to spotlight local businesses ads in full color that are professionally designed have proven to be incredibly effective to acquire new customers for a low annual cost.


Golf course advertising makes it easy to expand your audience and reach a wide range of potential customers. Consider this:


Golf On a Regular Basis in the U.S.


Of the U.S. Population Currently Play Golf


Of Golfers Are Male


Of Golfers Are Female


Of Golfers Are Married


Of Golfers Use the Internet Regularly


Of Golfers Work In A White Collar Position


Have Attended or Graduated College

What Is Golf Course Advertising?

Our golf course advertising opportunities offer a simple and effective way to market your products to a broad demographic.


By placing high-quality ads on scorecards, course guides, yardage cards, and more – all provided to golf courses at no charge – we’re able to spotlight your brand and products within essential golfing tools hundreds of golfers interact with each day.


This not only saves golf courses money but adds value to each golfer’s experience, highlighting your brand in materials they interact with throughout each new game while boosting your exposure among potential customers.


Our advertising approach helps golf courses and local businesses prosper. It’s also why so many Direct Fairways reviews and reviewers recommend our services to local business owners across the web.

Why So Many Trust Direct Fairways

Since 2015, Direct Fairways has worked with businesses of all sizes to increase exposure, grow local market share, and make meaningful connections with customers across their region.


We have raised the golf course advertising standard by continually delivering the highest quality materials that put local businesses in the conversation.


By featuring businesses in scorecards, pin sheets, and yardage books provided to golf courses at no cost, we make it easy for companies to reach a captive audience and maximize local impact. In the process, we give courses an excellent way to boost course revenue and elevate the golfer experience.


We are proud to partner with businesses and courses to foster growth and success – and to empower better connections with customers across the local community.

Need to Reach Local Customers?

Direct Fairways is here to help.


As the country’s premier golf course marketing provider, we’re committed to providing the cutting-edge advertising solutions you need to reach customers and grow your business.


What’s more: hundreds of Direct Fairways reviews praise our products and our commitment to exceptional customer service. If you’re looking for a proven way to increase exposure and fuel growth – and which has delivered results for hundreds of satisfied customers – you’ve come to the right place.


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