About Us


Welcome to Direct Fairways, a Nationwide Golf Advertising and Print company that helps golf courses and the neighboring local business community prosper.

Direct Fairways was established in 2015 to address the growing need of providing golf courses with reasonable and dynamic material to complement their golfer’s game. We are very proud to say that we have been in growth mode ever since and now provide thousands of golf courses all over the country with our state-of-the-art products. 

We pride ourselves on not only delivering a quality product for the golf courses we serve but also continuing to strive to be the largest and most professional provider of golf kiosks, scorecards and yardage guides in the United States.

The golf courses receive our products at no cost and allow local businesses to advertise their product or services to a large captive audience each and every day. All advertisers/sponsors are approved by the golf course management staff.

Quality products, excellent customer service and a true commitment to providing a healthy environment for local business to be seen by hundreds of potential clients each and every day of the year is what Direct Fairways is all about.