golf-banner We Support Local Business Direct Fairways provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to advertise in local golf course yardage books and scorecards banner The golfing community is an excellent community to advertise with as it spans all ages and demographics that are essential to your business’s success.
Who Golfs?


Our in-house digital printing press allows us to ship them in smaller quantities or larger runs based on your needs. Guides are always up to date and available without the need to inventory and store.

Yardage Cards

Yardage cards display the full course on 2 sides through dynamic 3D aerial hole drawings.

3D Course Rendering

Impress guests with accurate views of the golf course through 3D renderings from Direct Fairways. Golf course renderings allow your guests to see the golf course as a whole and to envision their day on the green.

Our Products



Scorecards are designed to enhance the status of your facility while providing an essential golfing tool.


Pin Sheets

A pin sheet is helpful data point which not all golf courses provide. The purpose of the pin sheet is to share with golfers where on the putting green the hole is located.



Course guides are the golfer’s book of choice and our most prized offering. When creating a course guide we have one goal in mind: supply the player relevant information to be at the top of their game.


Yardage Cards

Our Yardage Cards display 9 or 18 holes of your course on each side. All our hole drawings are the amazing 3D style of our yardage products and are designed to meet your needs.

Are you a golf pro, general manager or do you own a course?

Direct Fairways breaks tradition by delivering high quality yardage books to golf courses at no expense. We have a proven track record of helping golf courses save money, all while increasing course revenue and supporting the growth of local businesses.

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Website Design

A dynamic website can be a great showcase for your course, your services, and your products. Creative design and attention to detail can bring things to life, hook new customers in, slice through the competition, and help your business perform way above par!

Marketing Solutions

Send enticing digital coupons through SMS, Mobile App, Email, and Social Media. Enjoy the power of a Mobile Rewards Program, free from bulky paper cards as well as your own custom mobile app.

Golf Scorecards

Scorecards are designed to enhance the status of your facility while retaining maximum usefulness, complementing other marketing materials. Our scorecards are retained by the golfer and taken back to the home or office as a keepsake or souvenir.


Course Guides

Our course guides are the golfer’s book of choice. We supply the player information that is going to help them shoot the lowest score. For a golfer that hits an excessively long drive, to a chip out from the trees, we will have a measurement somewhere close by.




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