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How soon can I expect to have the products finalized and at the course?

The lengthy part of our process stems from the sponsorship acquisition, which can take anywhere from 2-6 months. We stress the sooner we can get started, the sooner we’ll have the spots filled and ultimately the sooner you will have the products. Design, layout, and renderings take us 1-3 days for most products.

If I am low on score cards, what can you do to help?

We can offer a signing bonus of up to 2,000 SC’s with few or no ads that can make it to the course typically within 3 weeks of us getting started.

What products do you offer?

We specialize in just three: Score cards, yardage books, and pin placement sheets. Because of this, our team is incredibly fast at putting together the layout and renderings.

Can we get a tangible copy to present to our golf committee and board meeting?

Absolutely. We want you to feel the quality of our products before we begin. We believe they are the best in the industry for both paid for and free products.

How do you get the layouts for the holes? Do you measure at the course?

Our Graphics Department pays for tools on their computer that are accurate within a yard and can build the renderings of the entire course from scratch.

How much control do we have over the design?

Aside from fitting in the sponsors, you have total control over the design, but our graphics department puts in the time to make these look incredible after just the first rendering.

What do you need from us to get started?

Very little, all can be taken care of over the phone in under 5 minutes. Once we get the information we need to send the agreement, you can fill in any restrictions for advertisement before we begin working on them.

In what quantities do you send them?

It depends on how many rounds are played in the season, but typically in batches of 2,000-5,000 at a time, to help keep all information up-to-date, both for the course and the advertisers. The advertisers can change their ads as many times throughout the year as they would like, without it costing them a penny more.

Do our sponsors get priority? Can we keep our current sponsors on our products on by getting them to sign up with you?

Again, we recommend they get first crack at the spots to help expedite the process on our end and get you the products faster.

Is there a limit to the products?

No, it’s as many as needed, in smaller quantities to allow for any course or advertisement changes for the next shipment.

Do we have to provide pictures and pro tips?

No, but they sure do make the books more personalized.

Do we have to get the sponsors?

Nope, we have our own team that reaches out to the local business owners and know to say they are calling from Direct Fairways, working with the golf course.

Are the sponsors local or national?

We try to help the local community thrive so we try to mostly acquire businesses within several miles from the course, or where the majority of the golfers come from.

How many sponsors are on the SC?

It varies with the design for each course, but usually 10-20.

How many sponsors are in the YG?

One every other page and several more throughout, so roughly 30 or so.

Once we get the products, do we reach out when we need more?

Yes, Simply email the contact you’ll have from the design phase, or give us a call and we’ll send you more. It’s that simple.