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Course Guides

Aside from detailed hole renderings that we design from scratch, we provide up to 8 pages for you to promote your course: history, pro shop products, lessons, memberships, restaurant, club fittings, bar, weddings, banquets, corporate events, junior camps, leagues, tournaments, etc. These are great as a free souvenir for tournaments, outings, and guests.

Our in-house digital printing press allows us to ship them in smaller quantities or larger runs based on your needs, keeping them up to date and saving you from having to store boxes of products. This also gives sponsors the ability to change ads throughout the year.

Course Guide Examples
3D Course Renderings


Give guests an accurate view of your golf course with a 3D rendering from Direct Fairways. Golf course renderings allow your guests to see the golf course as a whole and to envision their day on the green. We will create an aesthetically pleasing golf course rendering from satellite technology for you and allow you to to add it to your website and marketing materials.

Before & After


Have you ever bought a bulk order of scorecards to avoid the high costs? We change all of that. We typically send 2,000 – 5,000 of our #81 cover weight satin scorecards at a time so that you no longer have to sacrifice the ability to make changes to the design, layout, ratings or yardages. We will design your scorecard any way you’d like.

Do you need them quickly? We will provide you with up to 2,000 scorecards within 1-2 weeks from the day you sign up.

Yardage Cards

Our yardage cards display 9 holes of your course on each side. All of our hole drawings are an amazing 3D overhead view, and are designed to meet your specific needs. These are great as a free tool at tournaments and outings, or as a free souvenir for the daily golfer.

Shipping in quantities ranging anywhere from 100-3,000, whatever quantity fits your needs, helps us keep them up to date and saves you from having to store boxes of products at a time.

9 Hole